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Often times, especially here in the metroplex, you spend a lot of your valuable time in your vehicle. If you are like me, you practically live out of your car. I carry many of my personal items to and from work and tote them around as I run my errands as well. Vehicle burglary is on the rise. Although you may be parked close to the front of the store, under a light, or close to a camera, that doesn't deter criminals. A quick smash to your side window and they have access to anything and everything you leave in there.

Here at Ace, we can custom cut laminate and install it to your car windows. Installation is quick, less than a couple of hours. We remove the windows from the vehicle, cut the laminate to mirror your window, and adhere the laminate in our warehouse. Once complete, windows are reinstalled and you are good to go!

So if you are looking for extra protection for all of your valuables that you haul around, give Ace Laminates a call today! We offer free estimates and a lifetime warranty!

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