Holiday Safety Tips

With the holidays upon us, many people are getting their houses decorated, Christmas trees up, shopping hustle and bustle, and packages delivered to their house. Thefts between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day increase tremendously. So how are you protecting yourself? Here are a few tips to help you and your belongings stay safe this year.

Light and noise – It's a good idea to have an audible alarm (or even a dog) and motion lights for your home. These two things alone are your first line of protection.

Start or join a neighborhood watch – Having neighbors help watch out for each other helps your community stay safe as well as helps you build relationships with your neighbors. Websites like are a great site for joining your local community and communicating important information to neighbors. Make sure to report any suspicious activity to your local law enforcement.

Hide your stuff – You should do this year round, but especially during the holidays. When in a parking lot, make sure you don't leave anything visible in your car. Hide. Lock. Take. You would be surprised on how many stores aren't properly secured with cameras. Even if they have cameras up, you don't know if they are working.

Be alert of your surrounds – If you go out, try and have a friend or family member with you. Theives are less likely to target a group of people.

Track packages being delivered – Thieves are always on the prowl for the packages left at your doorstep. Make sure to track your packages and try to be home when they are supposed to be delivered. If available, check the "Signature Required" when you are setting up shipping.

Step up your security – Even with taking all of these steps, beefing up your security isn't a bad idea. Have Ace install our security laminates on your home windows, doors, and vehicles. Our laminates make it nearly impossible for a thief to break through your glass and take your belongings – known as a smash and grab.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Call us today for your free estimate on securing your home, business, and vehicle windows at 817-595-5720. Be sure to share these tips with your friends! Happy Holidays from all of us at Ace Laminates of Texas.

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