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No one wants to live in fear; unfortunately we are reminded daily that our environment contains threats of all kinds. There are times when our safety and security seems unclear. Fortunately we can now take the necessary, affordable, and measurable controls to reduce the threat to our family, friends, and co-workers in our home and our place of business.





ACE film laminates are as thin as a business card and when installed on certain types of glass will literally create a bullet resistant shield. This unique laminate will withstand shots fired from a .38 caliber, 9 mm and even 12 gauge shotgun.



Many thieves will enter a commercial building or business by easily breaking a glass window or door, which gives them time to steal expensive assets long before the police can arrive. In seconds, this method of security can easily and affordably stop intruders if you reinforce the most vulnerable glass areas of your offices and buildings. Your safety, security, and protection will then be complete!



ACE laminates work as an integral element for extreme glass protection levels from theft, vandalism, accidents, intruders and violent weather conditions. This ultra high-performance micro thin safety and security film holds broken glass together like an invisable shield once applied.
As we all know, the acts of violent weather is beyond our control. By protecting the glass around us, we can reduce the chance of serious injuries, even fatalities caused by flying glass fragments and other debris as a result of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, and other uncontrollable weather conditions.

Whether you're parked in your own driveway or at work, your vehicle is an easy target. Even with high-tech automotive alarm systems, it still leaves you and your vehicle vulnerable. 

Our unique safety and security film laminates discourage "Smash & Grab" type crimes and potentially dangerous car jacking. Because time is vital in these situations, thieves usually give up quickly. ACE laminates come in a variety of thickness and tinted options to meet your required needs.





Whether it's personal or business related, we all want to be safe and protected from the many dangerous and unexpected situations that occur in our lives. Situations such as theft, vandalism, accidents, violent crimes, explosions, terrorism, smash and grabs, and violent weather - just to name a few - could happen in today's world at anytime.


Whether we're at home with our family and friends, at work with our co-workers, or on the road with our vehicles, there is glass all around us. By protecting the glass that surrounds us, we are protecting ourselves, our families, and our employees from the many situations that none of us ever expect to happen to us!


ACE Security Laminates provides a unique laminate material that helps in the safety and security of people, property, and personal assets from the various situations that occur in our lives today!



Converts regular glass into safety glass to reduce the risk of injury from accidental breakage.

Protect your vulnerable glass from accidental and intentional impact. Transforms your glass to resist forceful entry.



Superior protection against forced entry, severe weather, small firearms, and bomb blasts.



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